Why Hiring A Marquee Enables You To Design Every Aspect Of Your DIY Wedding or Event

Why Hiring A Marquee Enables You To Design Every Aspect Of Your DIY Wedding or Event

Why Hiring A Marquee Enables You To Design Every Aspect Of Your DIY Wedding or Event

Once you have found the perfect location on which to pitch the marquee, then you can start to think about the more exciting aspects of creating your perfect space. This includes thinking about the type and size of your marquee, the layout and what the inside might look like.

There are numerous types of marquees available to hire. These include traditional pole tents, clearspan (or frame) marquees and yurts, but the joy of hiring our aluminum-framed marquee is that we can pretty much erect one anywhere.

An aluminum-framed marquee offers you great value for money, whilst giving you the perfect opportunity to really stamp your own personality on your event. Unlike in a fixed venue, where the decorative possibilities may be limited, there might be time constraints and you might be expected to work with the venue’s chosen suppliers, when you hire an aluminum-framed marquee from us, there are no real rules. All you need is a reason to
celebrate. By working with us, at Five Star Marquee Hire, our knowledge and experience helps you to deliver your dream event.

In our forthcoming blogs, we are sharing our love of all things marquee, by answering questions we are often asked about planning your DIY wedding or event. We offer you cost-effective options but have also tried to answer the questions in a logical order, inspired by how we put marquees up. If you have a question that one of our blogs hasn’t yet covered, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help, and you
might even inspire our next blog.

How Big A Marquee Do I Need To Hire For My DIY Wedding or Event?

Unsurprisingly there are several ways of calculating how big a marquee you should hire. Our marquees can be hired for small intimate gatherings, of no more than 20 guests in your backyard or for up to 400 guests in a large open space such as a race course.

If your requirements are straightforward, the first step is to simply measure your available space.

The second step is to use our easy, free ‘calculator’ template on our website. Using this free simple ready reckoner, all you need to do is to count the number of day guests you are planning to invite, for example, for a formal three-course sit-down meal. Then ‘add-in’ your additional evening guests.

The fourth and final stage is to then check your available space is large enough to hold the recommended size of
marquee (based on your day and evening guest numbers).

If you have something specific in mind, or your space is not straightforward, (perhaps the layout is a little awkward), don’t let that put you off contacting us for a no obligation site visit. To assure you, we can use multiple marquees connected to get around ‘obstacles’, that can result in exciting zoned areas, for example where with a few hired in sofas and chairs, your guests can chillax.

To Cover Or Not To cover – Is It Necessary To Hire A Marquee Ceiling And Wall Linings?

Depending on your event, including ceiling and or wall linings is not always necessary. If, for example, you are putting on an event with a limited or fixed budget, perhaps a village fete, then we are happy to price the linings separately, to give you the flexibility to include or not. However, in our view, marquee linings do add “a bit of a certain flair, help absorb sound and add more of a luxurious feel to an event, often a must-do for a DIY wedding or a fundraising charity dinner. Our standard marquee linings are available in ivory-white or cream, both are available pleated or with a flat finish and provide the perfect ‘blank canvas’. Or you can go one stage further and drape your marquee in different colours and fabrics. Just ask us for recommendations.

One other point when considering the ceilings, is that the height of a marquee enables you to get creative with your lighting. You can include chandeliers, uplighters and fairy lights to name a few, – just ask as we are sure to have something that suits your style.

If you are planning on having a dance floor, then above the dancing zone, to really push the boat out, you can also add a starry night ceiling. When used creatively, lighting will accentuate your styling and is the perfect way to change the look of your marquee from day to party time! And don’t forget you can also consider working with a florist to hang the latest in floral ‘chandeliers’ – we are just in love with them.

Do I Need To Consider Flooring For Inside My Marquee For My DIY Wedding or

When deciding on your marquee flooring, there are four things you need to consider before making your selection.

The first is your location and what the terrain is like. Then think carefully about your furniture needs. For example, if you are planning a sit-down meal, ideally every chair and table needs to sit steadily on it.

Secondly you should consider your guests. Will most of them be wearing sensible shoes or, particularly for a wedding, might many of your guests be wearing heels?

A final consideration, is how long your marquee is to be in situ. For example, if you are a land owner and planning on hosting weddings throughout the summer, a wooden floor might be your best option.

At Five Star Marquee Hire we currently offer you three flooring options, plus various coverings:

1. Naked flooring. Hiring in flooring is not always necessary. If you have an immaculate lawn, and don’t mind a bit of wear and tear, or if the marquee is being erected on a hard-standing surface or your budget is limited, then flooring is not necessary. Grass is after all tough stuff, even if it’s covered for a week by a marquee, don’t worry, it will soon get back to normal.

2. Direct lay flooring. If you want to put something between you and the ground, then this is our most cost effective, affordable and popular option for level ground that has no slope or obstacles. It is also quick to install and dismantle if your event is time-sensitive, for example, if you need a marquee for an exhibition stand. Once the flooring is down there is no need to cover it, but if you want your event to feel more cosy or stylish, it is perfect for laying carpet on. If you choose this option, we will always place a water proof ground sheet down first, as this
stops moisture coming up and prevents condensation building up in your marquee.

3. Suspended flooring. If your ideal location has an uneven surface, suspended flooring is your perfect solution. We lay a steel frame which is levelled at strategic points. This forms a very rigid and secure base for your marquee event. In addition, we can provide steps and or ramps for access. This system also works well when the location is not suitable for pinning and amazingly, it can be used to span obstacles. It has a high-quality finish, so to minimize your outgoings, it doesn’t need any further covering, but does enable you to throw down rugs to soften or zone your space.

Once you have chosen your floor, depending on the look and feel of your DIY wedding or event, there are also many different types of coverings. These include rustic coconut coir matting, a standard simple grey carpet or we have a range of coloured carpet to co-ordinate with your colour scheme or to enable you to add a pop of colour to make your reception space feel warmer and more luxurious.

If you are planning on a dancing zone, we can offer you black and or white floor tiles, a wooden or star-lit dance floor – then all you must do is practice your dance moves.

How Do I Ensure There Is A Grand Entrance To Our DIY Wedding Or Charity Event?

At Five Star Marquee Hire we believe first impressions really do count. To create a grand ‘red carpet’ welcome to your event, you can make it visually more appealing by including a focal point to the main structure and entrance porch. However, we are happy to quote separately, to give the flexibility to include or exclude.

Marquee entrance porches provide cover on arrival, and can be supplied in a range of styles and sizes. These include our attractive Chinese Hat Pagoda, small framed or a clearspan small marquees. They can be fitted with normal marquee walls and windows or as just a roof, (without walls), to provide an awning type cover. As with the main marquee, we can add linings, carpets and lighting in various styles to make your entrance porch even more attractive.

Many wedding clients like this option, before entering the main Marquee, as it gives them an opportunity to create some anticipation before the main event. We recommend dressing the entrance, as this gives your guests a hint of what to expect. Your entrance marquee is also a great place to put your guest book and table seating plan as well as your guests’ coats.

In addition to this, you could make the entrance even more glamorous by including a path of matting, perhaps flanked on either side by faux hedging. You can also consider illuminating the path, as whilst your guests might arrive in daylight they will be leaving under the cover of the stars. We can provide overhead festoon lighting or place lanterns on either side. Lanterns are also great for creating pathways from your marquee to other parts of your venue for example the mobile toilets and to where guests’ cars are parked.

Watch out for our next blog to help you to plan the perfect marquee reception.

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