Last Minute Marquee Hire Bookings

Last Minute Marquee Hire Bookings

Last minute marquee hire

How far in advance do I need to book a marquee?

At Five Star Marquee Hire, we are often asked: “how far in advance do I need to book a marquee?” If you have a specific date in mind, the sooner the better is always our advice, to ensure you can get the marquee and equipment that best suits your specific requirements.  A couple of months is perfect.

Unsurprisingly, April until September is our busiest season, when we can have several marquees out on hire every weekend. However, we would never like to let you down, so our motto is ‘it’s rarely too late to book a marquee’.  We will do everything we can to help you get your event covered if, for instance, you’ve been let down by another supplier or the weather is looking less than promising.  If in doubt, just give us a call, as we are happy to help you with a last-minute enquiry.

How would we go about organising a last-minute summer party?

If you are planning on a spur-of-the-moment summer party and want it to be as stress-free and as cost-effective as possible, we have some great last-minute party packages.

We have heaps and heaps of experience helping people like you to put on a last-minute party.  We recently helped some parents who wanted to surprise their disappointed daughter for her 18th birthday after a local venue had let her down.  We put up a marquee and bar for over 100 guests with only 48 hours to pull it all together.  This meant that all the parents had to do was to let the guests know of the change of venue and make sure their daughter had an amazing night to remember, for all the right reasons!  We took care of the rest.

How do you make your last-minute garden party look like you planned it months in advance?

If you’re anything like me and Ecem, my fiancée, the thought of hosting a last-minute party sends us into a slight panic.  Being honest, we like, if possible, to plan a party well in advance as Ecem has so many ideas about the way it should look and feel.  With food to prepare, guests to invite and activities to plan, and of course, deciding what to wear, we rarely do anything in a hurry.

However, at Five Star Marquee Hire, we totally understand that not all parties can be planned months or weeks in advance, such as a party to celebrate a recent engagement. So, we are here to tell you that, with our help, yes, you can throw a last-minute party.  To help you we’ve put together some top tips to keep in mind:

  1. Be decisive. This is not a time to pontificate. The truth is, hosting a gathering isn’t just for people with time on their hands. Busy, stressed-out people can do it, too. The key is keeping things simple, making decisions and working with companies who know how to make things happen.


  1. Make a to-do list and don’t get distracted. A to-do list helps keep your stress levels in check and serves as a central point for everything you need to sort out before the big event.


  1. Once you have counted your guest numbers (don’t forget to include yourselves), check our website for last minute Five Star Marquee Hire packages, or contact us by phone for an estimate or let us pop around to your garden to assess your space. And if you want a pretty party that looks, as we said, like you’ve been planning it for months, we can also supply vintage crockery!


  1. Delegate the workload to willing family members or friends – this is key to pulling off a last-minute party.


  1. Contact everyone you want to be there now, on Messager, Facebook and text (we recommend only calling guests who don’t use the above or you will spend too much time explaining your rationale for a last-minute party) and don’t forget to keep a list of who you’ve invited and who has said yes.


  1. Put together a detailed shopping list. Be as specific as possible when jotting down so that there are no surprises if you end up delegating this errand.


  1. If you don’t think you can pull off the style of food, you want, why not book a Catering Company – we can recommend some, but do bear in mind they usually need a minimum of ten days’ notice and will want payment upfront.


  1. Music is what creates the mood at any great party, but there possibly isn’t time to pull together an amazing playlist so ask us about some great DJ’s or choose a curated playlist from Spotify or Apple Music. And don’t forget to ask us about lighting and the perfect dance floor on which to throw those shapes.

Once everything’s in place, take a deep breath, grab a bite to eat, a glass of wine or a pint of beer, turn up the tunes and dance the night away with your nearest and dearest.

For more information and to reserve your perfect Five Star Marquee now call us or check out our last-minute packages or click here to call us!!